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Issue #15

Issue 15 was to have a review of Wizard's Quest in Wisconsin Dells.

Issue 15 was to have a review of Wizard’s Quest in Wisconsin Dells.

The publication schedule of the Regional Renaissance Reporter (RRR) was never rigidly defined. Our initial intention was to publish quarterly (January, April, July, and October). We quickly learned that advertisers were not very eager to be in an issue that came out in October just as they were shutting down their business for the year. Indeed, one of the big perks of being in the pages of the RRR was having your ad hand delivered to various merchants, performers (and often patrons) as we travelled the Midwest to various festivals promoting it. Our circulation numbers dropped considerably in the winter because of this.

Before the subscriber base was purchased, we had been working on Issue #15. Coming soon we will share some of the content that was destined for that never-published issue, as well as some stories behind it.

Stay tuned!

And the dust slowly settled…

Greetings from the sub-freezing depths of central Iowa. Our publisher, Greg, is busy getting things ready for the upcoming Nebraska Renaissance Faire. As soon as he can catch his breath, we expect to see him contributing a new version of his status column that appeared in every issue of the Regional Renaissance Reporter print magazine.

Meanwhile, if you have some news to contribute, drop me a note. We will also be reaching out to our many past contributors to see if we can get them to create content for this new online version of the RRR.

Stay tuned…