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Issue #15

Issue 15 was to have a review of Wizard's Quest in Wisconsin Dells.

Issue 15 was to have a review of Wizard’s Quest in Wisconsin Dells.

The publication schedule of the Regional Renaissance Reporter (RRR) was never rigidly defined. Our initial intention was to publish quarterly (January, April, July, and October). We quickly learned that advertisers were not very eager to be in an issue that came out in October just as they were shutting down their business for the year. Indeed, one of the big perks of being in the pages of the RRR was having your ad hand delivered to various merchants, performers (and often patrons) as we travelled the Midwest to various festivals promoting it. Our circulation numbers dropped considerably in the winter because of this.

Before the subscriber base was purchased, we had been working on Issue #15. Coming soon we will share some of the content that was destined for that never-published issue, as well as some stories behind it.

Stay tuned!

And the dust slowly settled…

Greetings from the sub-freezing depths of central Iowa. Our publisher, Greg, is busy getting things ready for the upcoming Nebraska Renaissance Faire. As soon as he can catch his breath, we expect to see him contributing a new version of his status column that appeared in every issue of the Regional Renaissance Reporter print magazine.

Meanwhile, if you have some news to contribute, drop me a note. We will also be reaching out to our many past contributors to see if we can get them to create content for this new online version of the RRR.

Stay tuned…


(Originally posted in 2011…)

Readers, Advertisers, Subscribers & Festival Friends

Thank you, thank you for your support these past six years…or so. As you may have noticed, you haven’t seen any new issues of the Regional Renaissance Reporter for awhile.  Due to twice almost having the publication sold to individuals in the past 15 months we kept postponing the run of the latest issue.

Finally, after a visit to our fine friends at Renaissance Magazine we were able to work out an arrangement by which we are merging our magazine into theirs. So, as of this January there will be no new RRR printed products. Our subscribers and, of course, you great advertisers will be able to experience Renaissance Magazine from now on. As a matter of fact, most of our subscribers will now start getting a few issues of Ren magazine to complete your subscription orders; and then you’ll be encouraged to continue subscribing to Renaissance Magazine.

As far as the website goes, we are going to keep it active as a hub for national event news, calendar info, vendor advertising, messaging, etc. AND we plan to create an inter-active blog post here at the website.  So stay tuned and don’t be shy about posting news, here, or even doing some of your advertising on our website — the most beloved in North America — because lots of people will be seeing what you have to offer.

Now, we still have a few dozen complete sets of the entire Regional Renaissance Reporter run available for collectors.  So, if you can spare $10 we’ll send you all 14 issues.  Just contact me direct at if interested.

Here’s hoping we see you at faire, this year and beyond. And don’t forget that we run festivals ourselves. See our event list at Don’t be shy about stopping Allen or me at a live event and sharing a moment of fond memories. Perhaps, this website will feel just as familial as the magazine had become.

Like family,

Gregory Wm. Schmidt,
former publisher

Allen Huffman,
former editor